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At BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd, we're renowned for operating diamond drills and saws across London with efficiency, safety, reliability and punctuality in mind.

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Specialists in getting the job done right, first time, every time.

BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd, a specialist in Diamond Drilling London, is a team of trained, experienced drill and saw operators. That includes safely handling asbestos, face fit mask testing, and operating a 360 excavator up to 10 tonnes.

With our plant of highly maintained equipment, we pride ourselves on efficiency, reliability and punctuality. These core values have led us to build the business on repeat clients and referrals while earning a 5-star reputation.

We’re also CHAS® Accredited, Alcumas® Accredited and PASMA® Certified, as well as Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) and Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS).

The Owner, Bailey, standing next to his vans used for diamond drilling in London and the South East
Large orange floor saw machine used for floor sawing in London and the South East

Accredited & Certified

We're CHAS® Accredited, Alcumas® Accredited and PASMA® Certified.
Hilto core drill attached to a wall for core drilling in London

One-Stop Solution

We work on commercial, domestic and industrial projects, creating holes of any size and any MoHS rating, any time of the day at short notice.
tracking saw used for wall sawing in London and the South East

Reliable & Punctual

We'll be onsite exactly when you need us. No last minute stressing to find another contractor when you work with us.
This company did an amazing job for us. They were very professional and reliable. Highly recommended and would definitely use again.
Grace L
BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing is awesome! They're spot-on with communication, super professional, and keep things tidy. Definitely recommend it. Thank you team!
Roham Haddadi
Very professional and great expertise. I booked them very last minute to drill 2 holes for an AC unit and they were very accommodating; great communication the day before, arrived on time in the morning, and did an excellent job. Even stayed longer to help install the AC. Would definitely recommend them!
James Regan
Very professional and knowledgeable team. Helped us on a tricky site and were absolutely great. Would definitely use again.
sean fitzgerald
Best contractors I’ve had on site, I’ve used Bailey and his guys on a number of jobs and every time they deliver on time and always leave my sites in perfect condition.
Cali Pax
Used on numerous jobs even undershirt notice very Professional service left my site clean and tidy unlike no other drilling or sawing company I’ve used before big thank you to Bailey and the Bc diamond drilling team always a pleasure look forward to using you guys again
Jim Wright
I have used Bailey on numerous jobs over the past few years . He has always taken care of anything I have thrown at him in an amazing time scale . I would have no hesitation in recommending him .
Oli Fink
Bailey and his team were ready and available at a moments notice to attend my job in central London over the weekend. The job was not straight-forward but they worked around the problems and successfully core drilled out all holes as required. Would definitely recommend and will keep their details for future works.
core diamond london bc diamond drilling

Core Drilling LondonCore Drilling

Are you seeking a drilling solution that combines precision, minimal disruption, and versatility? Core drilling, a technique using diamond-tipped drill bits, is your answer! Ideal for creating clean, circular cuts in various materials, as little as 12 mm up to 1 metre in diameter.

At BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd, we specialise in Core Drilling London, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our well-maintained equipment and experienced team enable us to tackle any project, regardless of complexity. Our core drilling services always ensure perfect results, whether for plumbing and electrical installations or architectural features.

Stitch Drilling LondonStitch Drilling

Are you facing challenging situations where conventional drilling methods fall short? Do you need precise, large, or irregularly shaped reinforced concrete, stone, or masonry openings?

Stitch Drilling London is an advanced method that involves creating a series of overlapping holes to form a single, large opening in various construction materials. This method offers unparalleled precision, making it perfect for complex or delicate projects where maintaining structural integrity is paramount.

stitch drilling london bc diamond drilling
controlled demolition london bc diamond drilling

Controlled Demolition LondonDemolition

Are you seeking a demolition solution that combines safety, efficiency, and precision? Meet the future of controlled demolition, enhanced by the power of Brokk technology.

Controlled Demolition London, especially when utilising Brokk machinery, is a game-changer in the world of deconstruction. Brokk, known for its robotic demolition machines, offers unmatched power, safety, and precision. This method is not just demolition; it’s a carefully planned, finely executed art form perfect for projects requiring surgical precision and minimal disturbances.

Wire Sawing LondonWire Sawing

Are you facing challenging cutting tasks in your construction or renovation projects? Need to cut through thick concrete, stone, or reinforced structures with precision and ease?

Wire Sawing London is a highly specialised technique for cutting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete or stone. It employs a multi-strand cable with diamond segments powered by pulleys to make precise cuts. This innovative method is perfect for projects where traditional cutting tools can’t perform effectively.

wire sawing london bc diamond drilling
floor sawing london bc diamond drilling

Floor Sawing LondonFloor Sawing

Are you in need of a reliable, precise method for cutting concrete floors, expansion joints, or making alterations to existing structures? Floor Sawing London is the ideal solution, offering unmatched efficiency and accuracy for all your concrete cutting needs.

Floor sawing, a crucial service in the construction industry, involves specialised saws for cutting concrete, asphalt, and other solid materials. It’s beneficial for creating clean, straight cuts on horizontal surfaces. This method is essential for tasks ranging from laying pipes to creating expansion joints or preparing for large-scale renovations.

Wall Sawing LondonWall Sawing

Are you tackling structural modifications, creating openings in walls, or undertaking demolition projects? Its precision-driven solution revolutionises how we cut through vertical surfaces and structures.

Wall Sawing London is a specialised technique to make precise cuts in vertical surfaces, primarily reinforced concrete, masonry, and stone. This method is vital for projects requiring the creation of doorways, windows, or HVAC openings, as well as for segmenting walls in demolition processes.

wall sawing london bc diamond drilling
ring sawing london services equipment bc diamond drilling

Ring Sawing LondonRing Sawing

Are you searching for a cutting solution that combines deep-cutting capabilities with the flexibility to work in confined spaces? Offering a unique blend of precision, depth, and manoeuvrability, ring sawing is the solution.

Ring Sawing London is an advanced cutting method employing a ring-shaped blade to perform deep, accurate cuts in reinforced concrete, masonry, and other hard materials. This technique is precious when working in tight spaces or when additional cutting depth is required beyond what traditional saws can provide.

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Based in Hastings, East Sussex, we travel across the South East of England, including Greater London, Essex, SurreyKentEast Sussex and West Sussex, for big and small construction projects. BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd have the knowledge, skills and industry expertise to undertake a wide range of diamond drilling and cutting services. We take it a cut further, emphasising safety and minimising environmental impact. So, if you’d like professional sawing and drilling contractors you can rely on every time, request a free, highly competitive quote today.