Diamond Drilling Brent

BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd is a family-owned business with over 10 years of experience providing diamond drilling in Brent.

We differentiate ourselves through:

  • Unwavering expertise: our highly skilled and certified operators ensure every project, big or small, is completed flawlessly.
  • Safety first: we prioritise a safe work environment for our team and yours, adhering to the strictest safety protocols.
  • Client focus: clear communication and collaboration are at the core of everything we do. We listen to your needs and deliver the best possible outcome.

Why Choose BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing?

When you partner with BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing, you’re choosing a company with a proven track record and a commitment to excellence. We hold all the industry-standard qualifications and accreditations, including CHAS®, Alcumas®, and PASMA®, giving you peace of mind throughout the project.

Our Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services in the London Borough of Brent

We offer a comprehensive range of diamond drilling and sawing services specifically tailored for construction projects across Brent. Here’s a glimpse into what we can do for you:

  • Wall Sawing: create precise openings for doorways, windows, and other features in concrete, brick, and blockwork.
  • Floor Sawing: efficiently cut concrete floors and slabs for plumbing, electrical, HVAC installations, and expansion joints.
  • Stitch Drilling: this technique utilises overlapping core holes to create large openings or channels in concrete structures, perfect for renovations.
  • Core Drilling: we provide core samples for material testing, installing pipes and wires, and creating anchor points.

Benefits of Diamond Drilling & Sawing for Your Project in Brent

Diamond drilling and sawing offer a multitude of advantages over traditional demolition methods:

  • Precision cuts: diamond tools ensure clean, accurate cuts, minimising damage to surrounding areas and structures.
  • Reduced noise and dust: our equipment operates significantly quieter than traditional methods, minimising disruption on-site and for your neighbours.
  • Versatility: this method tackles a wide range of materials, from concrete and brick to asphalt and tile.
  • Reduced vibrations: diamond drilling and sawing minimises vibrations, making it ideal for work near sensitive structures and utilities.

Environmental Responsibility at BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing

At BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd, environmental responsibility is a core value. We actively implement practices to minimise our impact:

  • Electric power: whenever possible, we utilise 3-phase electrical handheld saws instead of hydraulic ones, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Dust suppression techniques: we employ advanced dust suppression equipment to minimise dust generation during projects, ensuring a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Diamond Drilling Use Cases in Brent

  • Regeneration projects: many areas in Brent are undergoing regeneration, which often involves converting office buildings into flats. Wall sawing would be perfect for creating new doorways and windows.
  • The Brent Cross Cricklewood Development: this large-scale regeneration project will involve the construction of new buildings and infrastructure. Diamond drilling could be used for various tasks, such as core drilling for soil testing, stitch drilling for utility channels, and wall sawing for feature openings.
  • Private extensions and refurbishments: many homeowners in Brent undertake extensions and renovations. Diamond drilling services like core drilling (for installing plumbing and electrics) and stitch drilling (for creating large openings) would likely be in demand.
  • Hospital refurbishments: hospitals in Brent may require upgrades and renovations. Floor sawing would be ideal for creating precise channels for new medical equipment installations.
  • Public transport upgrades: upgrades to Brent’s underground stations or bus depots might involve diamond drilling for core sampling materials testing, or installing new lifts and staircases (which could require wall sawing).


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Information about Brent

Brent is a North West London borough with a population of over 339,800. It borders Harrow to the west, Barnet to the north, Camden to the east and Hammersmith and Fulham to the south. The area is well-served by major roads, including the A40 Western Avenue running north-south and the M40 motorway skirting the eastern edge of the borough. For public transport, Brent boasts several London Underground stations on the Bakerloo, Jubilee, and Central lines, providing easy access to central London and other areas. Wembley Stadium, a world-famous sporting venue, is also located within Brent’s boundaries.