Diamond Drilling for Water Table Investigation Report

The project was commissioned in June 2023 by Groundtech Consulting Limited, who are based in Lancashire. The company provide a range of geo-environmental consultancy and engineering services. In this case the location for the project was at the other end of the country in Eastbourne East Sussex.

Early Challenge

Groundtech Consulting needed to identify a suitable company who they could rely on to complete the project after a company who had been lined up for the work, pulled out at the last minute.

BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd who carry out diamond drilling in London and the South East were identified as a good fit for the project following a search on Google, and were able to provide the necessary services to complete the project at short notice.

Diamond Drilling Project Overview

The location was a car park under which a detailed report was required on the situation regarding the water table.

This would have formed part of a Preliminary Risk Assessment to enable a preliminary Conceptual Site Model to be drawn up from available information and reporting and helps identify areas of concern for engineers and developer.

The report was related to planned development work for which foundation would need to be sunk into the ground. Establishing the depth, extent and location of the water table would allow the engineers to identify what might be required to ensure the securing of suitable foundations. This could include options such as diverting water from the area.

The collection of core samples would allow the necessary tests to be carried out and BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd’s role in the project was to provide access that would allow the core sampling machinery to descend around six meters to reach the water table.

This access was provided with the drilling of twenty-one 255mm diameter holes through a hundred millimetres of tarmac and hundred and fifty millimetres of tarmac crush.

BC Diamond Drilling Limited’s Role

The holes were drilled with a standard diamond drilling machine powered by a generator. Water was used to prevent the diamond drill from jamming in the surface during the drilling process.

The twenty-one 255mm diameter holes were drilled across the extent of the car park in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding whole area was obtained and could be included in the report.

Groundtech Consulting Limited, were delighted that BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd’s part in the project was completed in a single day and allowed the core sampling stage to be completed in good time, in spite of the last-minute retraction of the original drilling company form the project.