Diamond Drilling for Air Conditioning Ducting

Recently BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd were commissioned to carry out some diamond drilling in London at a premises in preparation for the installation of an extensive air conditioning ducting system. The project was being run by London Projects, which are based in central London and are routinely managing a range of redevelopment projects across the capital.

Out of Hours Drilling in London’s Oxford Street

There were concerns relating to the potential for noise being created while the drilling was being carried out in what is a busy commercial area of Oxford Street. Consequently, the work was completed overnight, through twelve-hour shifts starting at 7:30 pm and finishing at 7:30 am.

Project Details

The ducting needed to be passed through over fifty 350mm thick concrete beams, each containing reinforced with 20mm rebars. Where these beams were at ceiling height, there was a need to manage access to enable the drilling to be completed at that height, using an approach that accommodated industry standard safety requirements.

Tools and Setup

Given the composition of the concrete beams through which 225mm diameter holes were required to be drilled. The use of a Dd 250-ca Core Drill was ideal for the work. Power was available from the building’s supply.

For access to the height of the beams, we used a BOSS Alloy Tower, which provides an ideal platform for the kind of work required for this project.

Water was used to lubricate the diamond drilling bits as they cut into the concrete and steel rebars. The water was pumped up to the required height through a suitable length of hosing, using a Hypo submersible 110-volt pump.

The water was fed back down from the beam through a funnel of Proplex flame retardant sheeting. At floor level, the water was filtered with a Slurry Fox Sfp3l as a cleaning stage, so that it could then be disposed of in line with the relevant legislation. The filtered material was then compressed into bricks, so it could then be disposed of appropriately & conveniently, along with other suitable waste at the end of the work.


With 3 drillers and one assistant, the work was completed on schedule, with each hole taking around 45 minutes to drill through each beam.

Where the time scale was tight and yet the work was completed on time London Projects were delighted with the work carried out by the BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd team.