21 Diamond Core Holes of 107 and 200 mm

On 2nd February 2024, BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd received a call from Banks Development Limited for two diamond drillers in Richmond, London.

Banks Development Limited

Banks Developments Limited is a family-run business operating in multiple markets and market segments. From mining to plant, property to renewables. Since its inception in 1976, it has scaled to one of the most renowned players within their industries while positively impacting communities.

Diamond Drilling for New Service Installations in Richmond, London

107 and 200 mm diameter core diamond drill holes richmond london

Banks Developments Limited requested two diamond drillers in Richmond, London, to drill 107 and 200 mm diameter holes through 550 mm thick reinforced concrete walls and slabs for new services, such as water, gas, and air conditioning. 

Our deadline was 1 pm the following day. 

Rapid Completion by Experienced Teams of Diamond Drillers 

two bc diamond drilling vans teams richmond london

BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd sent a team of two diamond drillers and two assistants to ensure we completed the project by 1 pm, as requested. 

Our team could work simultaneously with our scaffold tower, A-shaped ladder, and two Hilti DD250’s, thus maximising our on-site productivity.

Exceeding Client Expectations by Completing Before the Deadline

By 12:30 pm on 3rd February 2024, we had drilled 21 holes of 107 and 200 mm in diameter, and Banks Developments Limited was delighted with the completion. 

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As you can see from this project, BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd believes in completing the project on time, so we asked two teams to turn up on site. 

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