When it comes to construction, precision and efficiency are key elements that can make or break the success of the project. One such example project is the cutting of a 6-meter x 3-meter opening in a 150mm reinforced concrete floor for a bespoke staircase installation. The task demanded careful planning, suitable tools, and attention to detail. Below we describe the details of the intricate process undertaken by ourselves, ‘BC Diamond Drilling Ltd’ for our client, the Danish high-end consumer electronics company, ‘Bang and Olufsen’.

Preparing for the Cut: Stitch Drilling for Precision

In a project for which minimising damage and maintaining the existing structure were paramount, the team opened the corners using stitch drilling. This involves drilling a series of closely spaced holes along a marked line to prevent over cuts. This technique ensures that the concrete is removed accurately and without unnecessary damage. By adhering to this method, the team upheld their commitment to precision and quality.

Preparing for the Cut: Stitch Drilling for Precision

Marking and Positioning: A Foundation for Success

Accurate marking and positioning were critical & the outer edges of the opening were meticulously indicated to ensure the exact placement and straightness of the cut. These initial markings set the stage for the subsequent steps of the process & a deviation at this stage could easily lead to compromised results.

Diamond Drilling for Stitch Drilling: The Advantages

The use of diamond drilling for the stitch drilling process proved invaluable. Diamond drilling utilises a diamond-tipped core bit to create precise holes. This method offers multiple advantages, including minimal vibration, reduced noise, and minimal dust. These benefits aligned perfectly with the client’s request for minimal disruption and damage. By employing diamond drilling, we achieved accurate corners without compromising the surrounding concrete.

Diamond Drilling for Stitch Drilling

Diamond-Bladed Floor Saw for Perfect Edges

Cutting along the marked lines demanded an equally precise technique for which we used a diamond-bladed floor saw for this task. The advantages of using diamond-bladed tool included clean cuts, minimal dust and speed of the floor saw contributed to the efficiency of the project.

Methodical Concrete Removal: Streamlining the Process

The process of removing the concrete from the opening was also methodical and efficient. The floor area to be cut away was divided into five equal sections along the 6-meter length. This division allowed for controlled cutting and manageable debris removal. The concrete removed for the opening was cut into 500x500cm sections, ensuring that they could be easily transported from the site using a pallet truck.

Below you can see the Brokk machine used to cut theĀ  lower opening on ground floor.

Below you can see the Brokk machine used to cut the  lower opening on ground floor.

Completion and Client Satisfaction

The project, as efficiently carried out over three days from 7:30 am until 6 pm each day. The precision and quality overall quality we achieved paid off as the client were extremely satisfaction with both the work carried out and the efficiency of the project. This recognition underscores the importance of a meticulous approach in construction projects.

Our specialising in diamond drilling & demolition services across London and the South East of the UK & expertise in and commitment to precision made us an ideal choice for this challenging project.