Concrete Crushing London involves the use of a hydraulic cruncher, which is a powerful handheld machine that uses hydraulic pressure to break up and crunch concrete into smaller pieces. This method is often used in situations where noise and vibrations need to be kept to a minimum, such as in London or near sensitive buildings.

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sean fitzgerald
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Lemuel Dix
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10/10 service from BC Diamond Drilling. Highly recommend. Really professional, polite & friendly.

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BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd is a reputable and reliable company with extensive experience in Concrete Crunching London.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in the field and uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure high-quality work with a great emphasis on safety. Following strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of our employees, your workers and members of the public.

We offer competitive pricing for concrete crunching services without compromising on the quality of our work. Get in touch with us and we will work with you to find a cost-effective solution that meets your budget requirements. Not only this, but we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Working with you throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to completion of the project, so that you are 100% satisfied with the project.

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Purpose of Concrete Crunching London

Concrete crunching is the process of compressing concrete between hydraulic jaws, which effectively crunches them together and breaking them into small pieces relatively quietly in build up areas across London.

When compared to other demolition services such as concrete bursting, it is relatively quiet, which is ideally suited to situations where noise and vibration reduction is a key consideration.

This option delivers increased safety and enables this technique to be carried out extensively across a demolition site in the capital city, or Hastings, where BC Diamond Drilling & Sawing Ltd also operates. In addition, it maintains structural integrity and offers minimal disruption thanks to remote-controlled demolition machines.

How Concrete Crunching Works?

The hydraulic jaws are offered up to the open edge of concrete until a section is between them. Next, the powerful hydraulic breakers apply pressure to compress the concrete between the jaws using up to 30 tonnes of pressure during hydraulic concrete crunching.

Under the significant hydraulic pressure being applied the concrete breaks into pieces that either fall away or can be removed. This process is systematically repeated across the entire section of the concrete structure that is being worked on.

Benefits of Concrete Crunching in London

Concrete crunching is a popular method of removing concrete structures in London, and it offers several benefits over other traditional methods of concrete removal.

Reduced Noise

Concrete crunching is a low-noise method of concrete removal, making it ideal for use in urban areas or near sensitive buildings. It produces less noise compared to other methods such as jackhammering or blasting.

Minimal Vibration

Unlike other methods of concrete removal that can cause significant ground vibrations, concrete crunching produces minimal vibrations. This is particularly important in situations where nearby structures may be affected by vibration.

Reduced Dust

Concrete crunching produces minimal dust, making it a cleaner method of concrete removal compared to other methods. This is particularly important in enclosed spaces or areas where dust could be a health hazard.


Concrete crunching can be a cost-effective method of concrete removal, particularly for larger structures. This is because it requires less manpower and equipment compared to other methods such as jackhammering or blasting.


Concrete crunching can be used for a wide range of concrete removal applications, including cutting door and window openings, removing concrete walls, columns, and foundations.

How Concrete Crunching Differs From Concrete Crushing

Concrete crushing involves the use of a hydraulic jaw or impact crusher to break up and crush concrete into smaller pieces. This is often used as a means of recycling old concrete structures or preparing concrete for disposal.

How Concrete Crunching Differs From Concrete Bursting

Concrete bursting is a method of breaking up and removing large concrete structures by using hydraulic power to split the concrete into smaller pieces. This is done by drilling a series of holes in the concrete and then using hydraulic power to expand steel wedges placed in the holes. This causes the concrete to fracture and break apart into smaller pieces, which can then be removed.


Our concrete crunching services are provided across London & the whole of the South East including Sussex, Kent & Surrey & beyond including Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne & Brighton


Efficient and safe demolition that uses remote-controlled machines to break up and remove concrete structures. It is faster, quieter, and safer than traditional demolition methods.


Strategically demolishing buildings and structures while minimising damage to the surrounding area. It's done using careful planning and specialised equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.


A method of drilling precise holes in concrete, brick, and other materials using a diamond-tipped drill bit. It's faster and more accurate than traditional drilling methods.


Cutting horizontal surfaces such as roads, floors, and pavements using a circular diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind machine. It's precise and efficient, ideal for straight, clean cuts.


Track sawing is a method of cutting vertical or horizontal surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings using a track-mounted circular diamond blade. It's ideal for cutting precise openings for doors, windows, and ventilation systems in concrete and masonry structures. 


Cutting narrow grooves or channels in walls and floors using specialised saws or diamond blades. It's commonly used for installing electrical conduits, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and provides precise and neat cuts with minimal damage to surrounding materials.


Wire sawing is a method of cutting through large and thick concrete structures, using a diamond wire that's driven by a hydraulic power unit. It's a versatile and efficient technique that can be used for cutting complex shapes and sizes, and provides precise and clean cuts with minimal vibrations and noise.

Drilling and Bursting London BC Diamond Drilling

Wire sawing is a method of cutting through large and thick concrete structures, using a diamond wire that's driven by a hydraulic power unit. It's a versatile and efficient technique that can be used for cutting complex shapes and sizes, and provides precise and clean cuts with minimal vibrations and noise.